A Touch of Magic

Renew your mind, body and spirit with an Energetic Awakening. Holistic healing focuses on each and every part of you, and helps you find wholeness within yourself. At Romani Charm, we specialize in Reiki, traditional/natural remedies, Mantic arts and more. Disciplines from many different cultures are used in our practice, to offer every client the most beneficial experience for the entire self. Romani Charm uses age-old Romani traditions as well, offering varying sessions with old Romani secrets you won’t find anywhere else in Rapid City.


My Services


Traditional Japanese stress-reduction technique, performed by laying on hands and touch


Derivative of acupuncture, where pressure from a hand, elbow, or other device is applied to various triggered pressure points on the body

Aura Cleansing

Regularly cleansing your aura is important for overall well being, both mentally and physically.

Mantic Arts

Mantic Arts* is an ancient science that enables harmony with space (Yin) and time (Yang).