True health isn’t just a matter of a healthy heart or healthy lungs. It requires a healthy body, mind, and spirit working in harmony. Until we see this reality, we will continue to struggle with our well-being.

My name is Tamara Lile and I’m the owner of Romani Charm, a holistic health practice that specializes in using the best traditional treatments from around the world to help bring your life into alignment.

Holistic health requires a holistic approach. This mantra has driven me to study many methods of holistic health and alternative medicine. It has also inspired me to develop my own technique for treating and cleansing the body, mind, and spirit called Healing Palm Therapy.

You have a unique past and unique circumstances. I will work with you to come up with unique solutions to whatever you’re facing.

If you’ve ever been curious about any aspect of holistic health, contact me today. We’ll set up a consultation and you can get started on the path to complete well-being and peace.

Experience the power of a life that draws in happiness, health, and fortune, while repelling negativity and bad luck. Experience the power of Romani Charm.